First Skyrise Competition

Hello all,

I just came back from what I believe was the first Skyrise competition of the year at Rex at Dulaney hosts Skyrise ( and thought I should share a few thoughts about the game.

Most of the robots struggled to score large amounts of points, as the event is mainly designed to get a taste for the game rather than have extremely proficient robots. We used a reverse-double four bar with side rollers (which worked extremely well), while our partner team from our school used an elevator lift with a large claw on the front. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures or videos accessible to me right now, but if anyone wants them, just ask, I will be sure to find some pictures soon.

As for the game itself, it is much more precise game than any of the others I have played before. Those of you looking to use the skyrise sections should make sure that you can actually get it out of the autoloader - the autoloader almost clamps down on the skyrise sections. It’s not enough just to have a claw that can hold it. Also, lifts that do not go straight up and down have difficulty removing the pegs as they push the pegs into the autoloader. Getting rid of the pegs is also very difficult, as it requires a great amount of precision to get the sections into the skyrise base, since the base is very small.

At these early competitions, possession definitely made a large difference. Scoring on four different goals basically guaranteed 11 points, since few other teams could get up to the necessary heights.

Because many teams do autonomous last, about half started the day without an autonomous. We nearly lost our first game because another robot on the other team did not show up and their preload was put in their starting square, giving them one point and winning the autonomous round. We won a lot of games by making a simple autonomous that moved forwards, “scoring” the cube in our starting square.

Also, be careful near the end of the game, since touching any cube anywhere automatically descores it! Our flag was touching a cube on the skyrise, losing us 4 points and actually losing us the game.

Blocking was minimal; most teams had one robot camp at near the autoloader and build up the skyrise as much as possible. I expect this trend to continue, why not post a robot at the skyrise, score 60 points, and then run around in the last 15 seconds to get as much possession as possible?

Robot skills was also done in a similar way, we were second overall with 21 points while our team from our school got 23 points. (I know these scores sound really low!) In both of these cases, 20 of the points were scored off the skyrise alone. I think another successful team got 20 points with the same strategy.

Vexnet 2.0 keys are God-tier - our partner team had a problem with accidentally dropping the sections onto their keys, but the 2.0 keys completely fixed this problem.

18 inches of height is really difficult! I would actually recommend having the maximum height of one’s robot (at least for these first few competitions) be 7 inches, as the tension will bring it up a tad.

The event was extremely well-run, especially considering the amount of time given! Thanks alot to all the judges and people who ran the event!

If you have any questions, please comment below, I will be sure to answer.

Good luck in the season!

I’m not sure what you mean by this…

The autoloader shouldn’t be tight, the field instructions specify NOT to use the bolt that clamps it tight.

Yes, the rule that says if your robot is touching the scored cube or skyrise section is very annoying, because our robot’s drive base was touching the cube that was scored on the skyrise section and our intake was touching the top 5th skyrise section and neither counted, almost costing us to lose semi’s.

) and thought I should share a few thoughts about the game.

It wasn’t, the first competition was two weeks ago:

Your observations were pretty similar to ours. Skyrise isn’t going to be a very interesting game strategically until teams start writing better autonomous modes and scoring enough points to come back after losing the autonomous bonus.](

It would be awesome if you had some pictures

There are a bunch of videos here and here.

Sorry, I meant 17, not 7. Despite one’s plans to stay at 17.75 inches, the lift always seems to creep up :confused:

Even without the bolt in there, some of the autoloaders are configured differently - it definitely made a difference. We had a few problems getting pegs out of the autoloader, although it only seemed like 2 of them were the culprit.

Thanks Highwayman!

Oh, ok, that makes a lot more sense XD

I generally prefer to stay at as close to 17.5" as possible, simply because the 17.5" length metal makes it really easy to do that, and provides an easy-to-find ruler if I need to measure something. It also allows enough free space that I can afford to have a few screws, nuts, or axles sticking out a bit without needing to saw stuff off all the time, or, even worse, be forced to do a redesign after finding that the robot just barely doesn’t meet requirements :eek:

But, on the topic of the lifts, is it creeping up because of rubber band tension? It would have to be pulling pretty hard to overcome the resistance from the motors…

If you are just pushing the lift back down after the end of each match, I wouldn’t do that - just turn the bot back on and have it pull the lift down by itself. That will eliminate any slop in the gears that could allow it to pop up a bit, since the motors have to overcome that slop before pulling the lift down at all.

It is creeping up on the tension - we love our rubber bands!

The bot was already 17.5 inches, and we had a flip-down intake that kept trying to put us under the 18 inch limit. I’ll try your suggestion though, sounds like it should help!

What do you mean by “blocking” in this case? Last season was a fairly offensive game, but I am not sure what you mean by blocking in Skyrise, given that it is a pretty calm game.


Can you post some pictures? Thanks a lot. so bad Chinese don’t have access to youtube. The url is banned here.