First Skyrise Tournament Video on Youtube

Thought you fellow members would enjoy seeing tournament from El Salvador. Ran across this video while surfing the tube.
Interesting that one of them was tethered. The blue team was using RF, and the blue alliance seemed to work well together.

Here you go ! Enjoy :slight_smile:

The use of the tethers and RF are probably allowances made by that competition due to limited resources, but I can’t give more than speculation.

Interesting how the teams seemed to be mirroring each other the entire match. This game seems to be much more about the robots and their efficiency than the teams’ gameplay strategy.

Holy clawbots batman!

Thanks for sharing this.

The teams spent the entire time in their corners working on their own skyrise towers in collaboration with each other. I don’t think they left their own corners at all. (relatively)

I wonder if this will be the norm as max points can be obtained via this strategy?(if you can’t grab more than one cube that is) 3 skyrises + 3 cubes for blue is 24 points.

I would have thought the non-skyrise section starting robot would score the low post right behind the robot for 3 points ahead of messing with the skyrise. You need to wait for the first skyrise placement to start placing cubes there, so you might as well do something productive with that preload.

After competing in our own skyrise scrimmage in NZ, I’ve found that it’ll more likely be one robot from each alliance building the teams skyrise while the other robot in each alliance owning posts with cubes and scoring cubes on the skyrise. I think the faster a robot could build their teams skyrise, the more time they’ll then have to help their alliance own posts etc.

True…True… I can’t wait to see some of these teams that have been talking about carrying 10-12 cubes at once…:rolleyes:

I’m not sure if they even have a clue as to how many cubic feet 10-12 cubes is???

I think offense is going to be top priority this year.JM2C:cool:

They do that in the video you can see one robot on each alliance reaching up to own the low posts at the start.

He means, that the robot picks up a payload of cubes maybe 3-5, and goes around the posts along the field and scores on all of them to dominate ownership.
This is essential later in the season, because by then all robots will be able to fully construct the skyrise.