First (States Qualifying) Competition

1st States-Qualifying competition

Today was the first States-Qualifying competition. A total of 21 teams registered, but only 20 showed up. Most of the bots were push-bots or would pick up a cube and toss it over. A total of 2 teams could high lift on the pole; 929Y and 929X. Due to the relatively low scores for a match, a high hang and autonomous bonus proved extremely influential. At one point, 929Y was against 2 teams after its partner’s drive stalled. 929Y got the autonomous bonus in the beginning and high lifted at the end. The opposing team had 2 functional push bots and put most of the stars on 929Y’s side. However, 2 stars still remained in the far goal of the opposing side, giving 929Y’s alliance 26 points in total. If 929Y’s alliance did not get the autonomous or high lift, they would have lost. During the finals, specificity was key. Alliance captains had to balance between star-pushing/throwing bots and cube bots. Not only that, but because the red alliance can put their bots down second, they can plan accordingly as to how their opponents chose their bots.
During the last finals round, The game pieces were evenly distributed on the field, with one team having 3 cubes on their side. It looked like a close game from the outside, but since 929Y had hung and their alliance scored autonomous, they had more than double the opposing alliance’s score and took home the state qualification for the alliance. The Tournament Champions were 929Y, 5588E, and 934Z.

Yeah 929Y was definitely a very good design at that competition and pretty much if you could high elevate you could win.

Are there any videos yet?

Not that I’ve seen, but I’ve seen quite a few people recording the matches. So they might crop up in a few days.


Were skills run?
They aren’t showing up on robotevents if they were.

The event didn’t have skills.

I know Dulaney Robotics got video of all the final matches. They have a Youtube Channel (Dulaney Robotics), so they may post them there but I am not sure.

There’s a video on the vex teams of the world page

Why was your youtube account suspended?
Also, where are the videos?

Can you give me the vexDB or robotics events page?

Never mind, found it here:

I can’t find what you’re talking about.

Where is the vex teams of the world page?

I don’t know.
That’s why I’m asking.

Yeah, I have never heard of this either.

It’s on Facebook. Also, the Mariner Robotics channel isn’t banned, the link is broken and I can’t fix it


Ok, I’ll check it out.

Also, the link to your channel is:


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I still can’t find it.
Do you have a link?