First time build issues

We have just built our first VEX EDR robot (the clawbot) and had no problems building it. We have come to try and set up the cortex and keys etc but the joystick won’t sync to the cortex and nothing will work. 2 hours of my girls trying and researching and nothing! Can you help us with how we set up the cortex and controller initially please to get our robot moving!

Hello, and welcome to the VEX community!

To pair your Cortex and Joysticks, make sure you are running the latest firmware. If you are using the white VEXnet 2.0 keys, you will also need to update firmware on the keys using the separate firmware update utility.

While downloading firmware, make sure you have the option selected to download Default Code. Wire your Clawbot according to the wiring guide found in the Clawbot Build Instructions. The motors used in ports 6 and 7 will need Motor Controller 29s, but the motors in ports 1 and 10 will not.