First time doing a notebook or even a digital notebook

Hey, this is my second year as a robotics captain, and my team is fairly new to EVERYTHING. It’s hard enough getting them to work on the task/ components needing to be built so we end up doing all of the work last minute. I wanted some insight/ tips on tackling this ever-so-daunting tasks on content to put in / table of contents


I don’t know if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but usually I go to YouTube for notebook inspiration.
Your team…maybe try to get them occupied and organized by handing out tasks.

Start by you reading the Guide to Judging: Judging Engineering Notebooks. This is KEY to your team’s success. It is located Or REC Library / Volunteers / Guide to Judging: Judging Engineering Notebooks

The note on what an Engineering Notebook “should contain” is evaluated as if that phrase is “shall contain”

The note on “Outstanding Engineering Notebooks” is evaluated as “shall contain”

Further the attached diagram from the Engineering Notebooks page

requires the Engineering Notebook shall -

  1. Analyze the game - what does the team “see” and what does the team “want the robot to do”
  2. Note key rules that impact design choices and game strategy such as
  3. Define an initial game strategy - (the strategy gets updated after each event the team competes in), such as move from the starting position and score game piece X in Goal 2

In my experience the challenging decision is choosing whether to use an electronic format or a “real 3-D engineering notebook”. We have done them both ways. I like the electronic format, The “real engineering notebook” is for the ancients who used to write in script and draw diagrams or doodle on pages.

The electronic format comes with 2 supplements, VIQC Digital Notebook Instructions and Digital IQ Parts (a compendium of VEX IQ parts in 3 scales that match a template page). They are located

or Vex Library / Students & Parents / VEX Digital Notebook Templates

That’s a start


That is…continuous tasks, and ask for their input.
Sorry if this is confusing!

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Will do, as for youtube videos i’ll get to searching right away!

Sounds like a plan! Let me know if it proves to be useful!

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