First try issue ? :(

Everytime we turn on the robot brain, and run our first programming trial , the robot doesn’t execute the exact coded trajectory and starts turning abruptly to the right. Anyways this happens in the first try only and after we stop the program and re-run it again it’s fixed. Can someone explain to me why and how to fix this ? Thanks !!

Is it always to the same program or does it happen to all the programs?

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It happens with pros only

Sorry I mean with the same program file?

It happens with all the pros program files

Can you show us your code? This is a very strange anomaly.


Delay 500ms in initialize. The sensors are known to spew garbage as vexos sets them up.


in general this is best practice because v5 is weird. It sucks that the robot cant run init code before the prog skills run thing built into the controller.


yea, I agree. It’s been changed for the next vexos/controller release. The program will be launched (and disabled) at the beginning of the 3 second countdown.


A little lost here, the beginning of what three second countdown?

if you activate driver or programming skills from a v5 controller, it will give you a 3 second countdown before beginning. It’s really useful for testing prog skills and practicing driver, but one issue is that it stops your program from running the pre-auton stuff before it starts.


Thanks, so how does that help issues with matches under TM control? In theory you should be sitting inside pre-auton, then the signal is given to run. There is no 3 second warning. It would be nice so that brain could say “Hey going to go in 3, synch the IMU”. Lots of teams suffer from drift in the long wait times before matches.

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This has nothing to do with TM or control from competition switch or LRS. It only applies to test matches run from the controller, that was the specific issue @Drew2158U was complaining about.