First Wallbot?

Our team came up with the idea of the wallbot pretty early on (about halloween actually) and we were wondering who had it first. Any one using this design, would you please post about when you thought it up, and pictures too if you can

I made an extending wallbot design that Banditoinferno (4886) is using. Although it’s a wallbot, it has a unique chassis design. Go ahead and use it if you want!


Yeah, we started our first wallbot in January, which I posted a reveal of, it was an original design. We are currently using mediumdave’s design, which is getting greatly improved today. There should be a video of half our drive train somewhere on youtube later today, its your guys’ job to find it :slight_smile:

Someone posted it here already, so ¯ (°_o)/¯

Great! Well i think 1107a was the first one to make an efficient wallbot. (In November) My wallbot could score 24 points driver and 14 points autonomus challenge but techniqually could of score 22 points as a long screw got caught onto a thirty inch goal and couldnt lower my arm… Also could score high goals! Along with that our C team which qualified to worlds made a better wallbot which looked like an airplane. :):):D:D

I’m curious–is this the wallbot you’re talking about? (the one in blue isolation)

Anyways, I know WASABI made an original wallbot design in November as well, as seen here:
(I know that picking up the robot during autonomous was illegal. Thankfully, the refs forgave me)

I’m not sure what you’re seeing in this video but, there’s no wallbot … just 3 tipped robots

where did you get this from?
you are allowed to lift up your robot if it is touching the starting tile in autonomous (you are re-positioning it in the up/down vector)
(as per Q+A)

The way your team used to lift the robot during autonomous, so that there was at least a ziptie in contact with the starting tile at all times, is legal as per <SG5>:
<SG5> During the Autonomous Period, Drivers and Coaches may handle their own Robot while the Robot is in contact with their own Alliance Starting Tile.

The way 1492Z was lifted at :50 in the video is not because it was not in contact with the tile.

Like WasabiRyan already said, I’m not sure if 1492 WASABI had the first built wallbot, but we were probably the first highly publicized one. As for who came up with the concept, I’m not sure anyone could get credited with that because all the teams coming back from Worlds had to have at least thought of the idea, even if most of those teams threw it away the second after.

Just wondering, but does the one 254 bot from Clean Sweep count (at least I think it was Clean Sweep… I wasn’t in VEX at the time…)?

Technically they did, although there were quite a few wallbots during clean sweep.

Ah. Oops, well any of those then. I think that thinking of using them for Gateway was creative though. Not a single team from my school had even thought about it until we saw one at a tournament.

Just wondering … what purpose would a wallbot have served in clean sweep, there was almost no contact between opposing alliances

They were a large wallbot that spanned the entire wall so that the other alliance couldn’t score over it. It wasn’t very useful but it was very cool

Most wallbots in clean sweep would try to block opposing teams from scoring over the wall. Imagine a volleyball-type block. They were never too effective (most were unwieldy and slow, with little forward reach), but there were quite a few of them.