First Year team needs help


  1. Stalls during competition- motors tripping.
    We have found a solution in the Smart Motor Library by James Pearman, but are still not sure where and how much code to add. We understand the motors need to slow down before they trip.
  2. How do we make our motors (3,5, 7) hold after we release the joystick?
    Can you program a button to cause motors to operate at a low speed and leave it running after you release the joystick? Is this legal? Can it be done?
  3. How do we stop arm lift, once we release joystick?
    Found If/Else code in the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy (2009) Controlling Arm Part 3 Video, but the code has a ton of errors when compiled. Think the concept is correct, but the coding sequence must have changed.

I have attached a picture of our robot and listed motor schematics.
Using easyC V4 for Cortex Version
RES Robotics TEAM 9365 Trouble Ticket.pdf (1.89 MB)

For other young teams… we found our design was causing the stalls. We are adding more gears to improve the torque.
Just passing this along for others who are experiencing stalls during the tournaments.


Thanks for the detailed description of the problem.
It looks like you already took care of point# 1. For points 2 & 3 it is best to consult with the software developer directly.

FYI: I will move this post to the easyC V4 Q&A for further feedback.


You can use the Motor Encoders and the PID function to told position. Basically you capture the encoder location when you center the joystick. Then enable the PID with a set point of the current encoder location.