Fitting intakes in the size limit


As the title says, I’m trying to fit it in the size limit without having to redo the whole intake.
Are there any solutions I haven’t thought of?
I’ve thought of shortening the intakes so far.
And making bald spots

pluck off some of the flaps to create some little bald spots. then position the bald spots towards the top of the robot for inspection/starting position.

I already tried that, I was still 0.5 inches above the limit

They cant go back any more? If not, attach it closer to the end of the arm and shorten the intake channels.

Have you tried smaller sprockets on the front? Compression or your ability to grab cubes might suffer but that’s better than not fitting in 18x18 if you don’t have any other solutions.

You could also put those bearings on the inside of the c channel and change your spacing around so that everything is more compact. This combined with bald spots might get you into size limits.

Take the middle tower of the dr4b and pull it up until it is at 18 inches then push the upper set of bars down as far as possible.

Thanks to everyone who replied! I ended up modifying my intakes and dropping it perfectly in the size limit.
Thank you all for your time!

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