Fix broken PWM plugs

I have 2 broken vex PWM prongs (the metal prong literally fell off the wire), one on a motor, and another on a potentiometer. Is there anyway to fix this in a competition legal way? (I could solder a PWM cable directly on to the wire from the sensor/motor, but that would be changing an electrical component, and is illegal).

Thanks for any replies

Altering the cable is not legal per competition rules. If the prongs did indeed just fall out (IE, not broken via storage or abuse) then you might want to try contacting Vex about a replacement (not sure if they will replace the component(s) or not).

I can say, for sure, that altering the cable is illegal per comp. rules…


I’m pretty sure those are not in warranty anymore since they were brought over 2 years ago but never were used (buy tons when we have funding)

Is there anyway to solder the prongs on wires and attach the plugs themselves? if it is fixed that way it should be perfectly identical to Vex Parts.

This was the inspiration for my PWM Protectors idea(

I think you are going to have to buy a new unit if you want to use it in competition. As previously stated you are not allowed to alter electrical components in any way and although i believe that you would not try to give the component any advantage there is no realistic way for inspectors to know that you just made an honest fix. I would just replace the unit. If you are low on funding you could chip in yourself to replace it or talk to another local team they may be willing to lend or even give you a working one.