Fix the header plz

Don’t care if you hate me for this, you’re an international brand now, you have to do better…

Sorry for the enormous retina image.

This is all basic web design stuff guys. All you have to do is care about the details.

Sigh. -Cody

This is how I see the vex website on the Firefox browser.
The words “home … news” are somewhat near centered on the gray bar which is not the case in Cody’s picture.

I agree that they should fix this, I believe I could design a better website than they have right now.
vex website.jpg

Aren’t they going to chuck this forum format anyway? I thought they had announced they would soon be switching over to some other format? :confused:

Yeah, they are getting rid of this forum, but the website stays the same.

On OSX/Safari, the words on the grey bar (Home, VEX IQ …) are aligned.


Thank you for the suggestion. As VEX grows, we are always looking to improve. VEX users’ feedback is key to pinpointing areas and ideas for improvement. VEX has been looking at various methods to keep the header attractive and professional for all web browsers and devices…

Marginally constructive criticism aside, phrases like “screw Instagram” are not appropriate for this forum, and could result in a forum ban. Please consider this your official warning.

If you’re interested in making future constructive comments, please feel free to send them to our support folks so they can pass them along to the right people. As always they can be reached at:

While there may be some “constructive” criticism within Cody’s rant, this is all I could think while reading it.

The way you present your message is important and will most likely change how seriously it will be taken by those who you are directing it towards.