Fix Vex Coding Studio

I (as well as a number of other people) have many problems with VCS here are 2 off the top of my head, and one’s that should be priorities, especially given my current situation (which I will explain in this post).

  1. FIX SAVING!!!
  • Even programs as basic as Microsoft word have scripts that allow them to save a file with one click, and automatically detect if a file has been saved or not when closing. Programs like word then prompt the user with something like “Would you like to save before closing?” ‘Save’ ‘Don’t Save’ ‘Cancel’ It would be great is VCS is capable of something like this instead of simply asking me to “make sure i saved” every time before closing, in lieu of whether I have, or haven’t. Additionally, it would be great if VCS changed the icons of .vex files so that they displayed the VCS logo instead of the default text document icon. Lastly, a note relating to my current situation, it would be great if VCS ACTUALLY SAVED MY CODE WHEN I HIT SAVE!!! Due to the fact vcs has no automatic save detection, every time i close, i go to the menu and click save about 7 times to make sure it saves. Yesterday, I broke through a MAJOR coding block that I was having and got my program to work as intended. I saved the program, and since then the computer I used has not shut down, or crashed, only slept. When I got to school today, I found out that (on the day of a major qualifying competition) my code was never saved. The code was still present on our robot, but the code on my computer is not saved. I don’t remember what I did to fix my problem, and now the lead coder for our team is not here today, so our robot is basically non-functional for competition today due to VCS not saving like it should (this has happened to multiple people on our team, multiple different times, on different computers).
  1. Firmware updates
  • Allow battery, motor, controller, etc. firmware to be updated from VCS when the brain is plugged in, and these components are connected, instead of flashing a notification to updated them on the brain screen, and then sending the updates away forever once I hit “not now” (or “cancel” or whatever the button says, i dont remember).

In summation, it seems like a corporation that charges ridiculous prices for parts and products should be able to pay people to make basic functions work within their programs like they should.


Vex Code now exists and it is super good, like actually. I’m fairly new to programming but I learned it in less than 2 hours (the basics)

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