[FIXED} One of the motors on our 4 bar lift is starting after the other, even though its a motor group

[Issue Resolved] So, My team just finished our claw on our 4 bar lift. We tested the lift a few days ago before we started on the claw and it worked just fine. Now, for some reason one of the motors is starting after the other. We’re wondering how to fix this. I’ve attached a file with pictures of the code and a video of the issue. Any thoughts?


it looks to me like the other motor isn’t receiving power at all, forcing the first motor to do all the work of both raising the lift, and forcibly turning the inactive motor.

Try to confirm if that motor is working or not, easiest way would be to unplug the motor that is working and see if the lift does anything at all without it.


I believe this same problem I had two years ago. The lagged motor might be dead, overheating, or not connected.
Another cause might be in the program - if both motors turn a specific amount of degrees (or to a certain position) one motor might be a little bit off. Zeroing the position when the program is started should fix this.
Another cause might be in the gears - if some of the teeth are broken off the driving gear, the motor would spin for a short time before applying power to the system.


Slide the pinion gear (on the motor axle) away from the driven gear and see if it spins.