Fixing a drone

I know this isn’t strictly VEX related (hence it being in Chit-Chat), but it’s still robotics.

The other day we found a drone in the large wash behind our school. The casing is slightly cracked, but as far as we can tell, all the motors and rotors are fully functional. However, it does not have a remote control. We were thinking of fixing it up and selling it to fundraise, but (approximately) what would we need to go through to fix it? About how much could we sell it for?

I realize you guys need a lot more information, which I may or may not have in the morning with access to the actual drone.

Pictures of the drone would be helpful. It also might be a good thing to do to try to find the actual owner. If it is above a certain size and purchased after a certain date, it will be registered with the FAA.

Doing the right thing may even pay off. The owner may even give you a reward. That is some fund raising without having to invest in fixing it.

Well, if it’s above about 0.55 pounds, it should be registered. Also, it should have a number applied to it somewhere.

Usually you can bind a new transmitter, but in order to sell it or use it, you also need AMA membership

Well, if you want real details about its selling and pricing then need to post its pics and more detailed description. Then you can sell or find online resource for buying and selling drones. You may also check for more help.