Fixing reversed drivetrain

I am using the basic drivetrain, but when I move the joysticks, the drivetrain goes the opposite direction. I am aware that there must be a simple fix for this, but I need help.

this is what the drivetrain looks like

It won’t let me post a video, so here is a pic kinda showing what it does

When you set the motors up in the code, you can reverse both of them. Should be the easiest way to fix your problem.


I totally agree with this. But…

if you are using driver control, you can fix it with the settings on the brain. If you go to the home screen, and click on driver control, you should see an option that says “Configuration”. Click that button and play around reversing the appropriate motors until you get it right (I’ve found the interface to be kind of difficult to use, but it does work when you get it right).


Swap the cable connections at the brain end. EDIT: nope, that’s garbage. It would sort out advance and retreat being swapped, but turning direction would be unaffected. My apologies for a lazy reflex post.

If you are setting up your Drivetrain using VEXcode IQ, use this button:



Thanks so much, I tried this and was able to resolve the problem