Flag Rotation Resistance

Does anyone know if the detent prevents flags from moving or if there’s anything else that flags can catch on if they’re being flipped? For instance, could a Red flag be reasonably flipped to the Blue side with one accurate shot or would it be more likely to end up neutral?

Only time will tell, when we get our game sets. From the video it didnt look like it needed a lot of force

It looks like the flags will move pretty easily.

i would hope that one ball would, in a reasonable situation, flip the flag. you need to be super accurate to hit those top flags at any distance so i think that it will be easy if you hit it. what i am worried about is if you hit it too hard it might flip the flag, bounce off the stop, and turn back to the opposing alliances color

it seems like this is the case.

I think the detent would preventit from bouncing back.

it still may bounce back to neutral tho

I figured that was half the point. I figure the other half of the point is clarity about which team gets the points. Now you know if it’s centered or not with clarity.

True. I really can’t wait until the game pieces arrive so i can actually test these things.

same. I ordered the caps and the balls, but everything else comes to my hs for free since we host local competitions. I just had to have something over the summer tho

I think that the flags can’t move back to neutral because at the beginning the neutral flags are held by clips and also in the video it seems like the flags pop into place after a direct hit.

I doubt that. After all, you can reset them, right? Meanwhile, those clips are still there. If you can reset them, they can be swung back to neutral. The odds of them swinging and stopping in neutral from a ball hit are probably quite low, but I seriously doubt it’s impossible.

Yes, but the clips, I think, can be reset only manually; to be cliped back on twhen the field is reset

What clip are you referring to? I thought you meant the pointer and the detent. In neutral the pointer sits in a little slot in the detent, clipping the flag into neutral. But whether a flag has been toggled or not is determined by the detent and the pointer, so they must both remain on it through the match.

I guess we will just have to see when the game pieces get here…