Flag Toggling Clarification

This post was ghost written by Anomaly.

Would it be legal to toggle flags without using balls but without violating any other rules? For example, would it be legal to use caps to score the flags without exceeding the height limit? Would it be legal to build a fan and blow the flags into a different position? Thank you for your time!

The flags are divided between high and low flags. All low flags can be toggled by the robot by simply running into them. In the rule book all high flags are only able to be toggled by balls. 3 low flags can be toggled by the robot but the 6 flags above the low flags are high flags that can only be toggled by balls scattered on the field.

<SG7> Use Game Objects for gameplay. Scoring Objects cannot be used to accomplish actions
that would be otherwise illegal if they were attempted by Robot mechanisms.
a. High Flags may only be contacted by Balls that are not being contacted by a Robot.

Although illegal, I would be interested to see this actually happen lol

I mean technically a fan is not illegal, but the detente will stop the flag from turning very far at all

Hmm… It is pretty far away since you can’t extend up so high when you’re close to a flag. But is it legal to play with an open end to pneumatics? Fire off a blast of air from a little ways away? Could that be aimed well enough from the distances we’re expecting?

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dammit us hist, i knew i heard it from somewhere

You’d need a realllyyyy power fan haha

The worlds winner is obviously going to be a 2 motor drive and a 6 motor fan, I don’t know why everyone is suggesting anything else lol

probably not legal and not possible but still a good idea


I take this to mean that the high flags can ONLY be toggled by hitting them with flying balls. So your idea, I think would likely be illegal. I am not sure that you could generate a powerful enough pulse of air that was focused enough using pneumatics to effect the flags in any meaningful way. Interesting idea though

That’s not what SG7 says, though. This isn’t using a game object to do anything. It’s also not contacting the flag with anything but air, and I’m pretty sure air is implicitly allowed to touch the flag.

Yes, that is probably true. Just thought it might be more directed than a fan.

According to the intro, high flags can only be toggled by balls. Then SG7 says those balls can’t be contacting the robot.

Ah, there it is. I was pretty sure it wasn’t legal.