Flagging and its impact on the community

Dear whom it may concern,

If you have not noticed, there has been an excessive amount of “flagging” in the Vex Forum Community. This can easily detoriorate the potentialy enlightling responses in which can sprout into meaningful discussions. Posts such as, Is a hotdog a sandwich? and What do you put on your hotdog? are prime examples of this injustice. I am sick and tired of waking up to see what my fellow forum go-ers think about my contribution to the community but am often greeted by the message ->

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Why should people be able to restrict the conversation of others just because they aren’t intrested in what they clicked on? People visiting the forum come on for different reasons. While some visit for guidance, others visit for entertainment. Why should an entire group be penalized for having different interests? Can someone define “on-topic” in Chit-Chat / Rumor Mill? Some topics such as Good Luck on AP Tests and A better you in 20 days. Why are these posts acceptable but mine are against the community guidelines?


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I agree very much Mr. World Championship Champion.


I also think its unfair that there are posts this like: Coolyo bot
And these haven’t been deleted, but if I post something like this today, it’s not ok.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden


Hmmm let’s think about this - posts on V5 topics that have nothing to do with V5 topics… I have no problem flagging that and messages that attack those who point that out. Let’s not let VEXforum spiral down with no standards. Pretty simple, stay on topic of the discussion group you are posting to. V5 Chit-chat/rumor mill - please make posts about V5 - for example - “I hear that there is V5 turbo being released next season” … threads about “hot dogs” not so much.

I will continue to call out incorrect posts in V5 or VRC discussions - I do not see to many VIQ - but I am pretty sure they would be annoyed too.

There is a difference between " good luck with AP" which should be put elsewhere to completely random hot dog, pickle etc…

My 2 cents.

My recommendation for @DRow is to remove Chit-chat/rumor from VRC or V5 discussions. Simple…


Deleted due to lack of forum skills.

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So everything must be related to robotics? What about Pizza hut , dominoes, or papa johns ? I think that posts like this, while old, are a fun addition to forums. And it can be argued that other posts are irrelevant to robotics that haven’t been flagged, but rather have hundreds of posts in their thread, like Scavenger hunt


Historically, chit chat and rumor mill has been a safe zone for anyone to post whatever they want (As long as it’s within Forum TOS). Following precedent, I don’t see why the posts in question from the OP were flagged even if this section is now under V5 General Discussion. There have been other off-topic threads like “Good luck with AP…” and “A better you in 20 days…” that nobody questioned even though they are not related in any way to V5 General Discussion. They are fine because they were in chit chat, so what differentiates them from the hotdog threads? Don’t cherry-pick on threads you don’t like.

You don’t have to click on the thread. Just acknowledge that it has a right to exist


Thank you for making this thread. These posts are especially common in a time of boredom, and are not always a bad thing.


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Let’s put it this way: Although the post might be flagged, DRow had to put the hammer and delete the post. There have been plenty of posts that had the first item flagged, but the thread was still allowed to stay.

If there is no sustenance in your post, that’s up to you to argue with @DRow . However, “Good luck with AP” is relevant to the student body because it has to do with the last hurdle the students go through before this school year is over, and “A better you in 20 days” is an initiative that has to do with the well-being of a person learning a skill, since all students have had a lack of drive because of the virus.

No one cares what you put on your hot dog, and arguing if a hot dog is a sandwich isn’t a thing you care about when you forget about the post. Sorry to break it to you.

Since we’re putting signatures for a major award won,

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Dear Mr. Foster,

Thank you for ignoring the posts instead of flagging them. I salute your service!


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I feel like “Good luck on APs” and “Is a hotdog a sandwich” have a precisely equal amount to do with VEX V5 Robotics. Therefore, there is no reason that one should be deleted and the other shouldn’t.


Let me try to reply to this as the original poster of the A better you in 20 days thread.

I was attempting to remind people that our world was changing, the barricaded in our robot labs time is ending. I for one have lost on the regular cycle that I rely on to get things done. I’ve been trying to help keep roboteers upbeat and engaged in robotics in what normally would have been the excitement up to Worlds that was lost. I ran contests to keep the processes going. Likewise this after Worlds post was an attempt to say “world changed, changing again, and the old world is gone”, Time passes and it’s the only thing you can never buy more of.

About 1/2 the posts in Chit-Chat Rumor Mill are things about robots. I ignore the ones that are silly “Hot Dog a sandwich”. Sometimes I post (in the naming thread)

Or in the name the robot team thread about loving teams named FosterBOTs

But mostly those threads have to do with robots somehow.

You need to remember that these threads live forever. Is that kind of posting worth reading in four years?

I have the ability to ignore things, so it’s unlikely I’d ever flag things in Chit - Chat, but more likely to flag “Hotdog” in a robot part of the forum.

Thanks for reading this

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I posted the “Good Luck on AP Tests” thread because a lot of us do take ap tests and I saw it as something that a lot of us could relate to. I know it wasn’t strictly robotics but at least it was related to education

Edit: I wouldn’t have posted something that was about, for example, about sandwiches


Very cool , i didn’t know you were mentor of the year in 2010!


off topic threads in chit chat should be fine

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Kind of upset that one of my memes got flagged. I guess Elon Musk poppin a fat one is to much for you boys.

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Agreed - a lot of students are under pressure … I wish there was somewhere else that V5 or VRC topics to post to - maybe a “Community” forum.

V5 is VERY specific… so are topics around VEX Robotics Competitions …

Just because the subtopic may be “chit chat /rumor mill” remember the context of the main topic you are posting under.