Flagrant Rule Violation at Washington Winter

As the attached photo clearly demonstrates, VRC 1492, Team Wasabi’s driver was in clear violation of the rules of physics when he used levitation to gain a better view of the playing field during the elimination rounds at the Washington Winter Tournament in Redmond this past weekend.

Pacific Northwest area teams should be advised that all rules of physics shall be enforced at the upcoming British Columbia championship tournament, March 12, at the BC Institute of Technology, although there will be an exemption for the use of flying carpets in the “B” division and pink sparkle fairy unicorn dust in the programming challenge.

For over 180 more photos of the Washington Winter Tournament (a great event, by the way, thank you to the hosts, sponsors and organizers… but how did you know we would actually “get winter” this weekend when you named the tournament?) check my photobucket page.


thanks Mr. Brett for more awesome pics!
i keep forgetting to take pics when im at the events :wink:
too busy worrying about our robot i guess…

Jason – thanks for the pictures, but the next time you start a thread with title like this I’m going to get you banned from all future Washington VRC events…

Thanks for the pictures :smiley: