Flags or Caps

Which are more valuable/important? Or are they equal?

Flags are worth more points (15pts) vs caps (14pts) total, but per object, caps are slightly more efficient (1.67ppo vs 1.75ppo)
But overall, the point differences between them are largely negligible, I would think more about what fellow teams in your area are focusing on, and filling the opposite niche. Especially early game, robots probably won’t be able to do everything

The low flags don’t require a ball shooter, so a cap focused robot can still toggle the low flags while a flag focused robot will need a separate mechanism to flip the caps. IMO caps are slightly more valuable in matches but flags will be more important for skills.

Focus not on caps or balls but on the high goals.

depends on the robot but i think one that can easily “turn” caps over to their side should go for early flags and then contest for caps because quick cap conversions will swing points more and be harder to contest

if you were to specialize which i’d advise against, caps would probably be smarter because caps are easier to contest and caps vs caps comes down to how well you designed the robot and how well you pilot it whereas in flags vs caps, there are more things that could go awry (imperfect shot, hits flag too hard and it recoils, slightly off, hits wrong side) and it is also probably slower due to the lack of driver loads and a max carrying capacity of 2.

tl;dr caps, because they have a higher success efficiency, are faster to do, and as stated by @MayorMonty , they are also worth slightly more per object, in addition to the fact that they are more contestable and will attribute to greater point swings

If you specialize, you should specialize in flags. An alliance that can do flags will pretty much necessarily beat an alliance that can’t. In auton, the flag side should be able to get all 6 high flags considering 2 of them start scored for them and can’t be contested. the non-flag alliance can get a max of 14 points in auton which means that the flag alliance only needs one park to win auton.

EDIT: if the two caps on flag bot’s side remain scored for cap bot alliance then flag bot needs two low parks to win auto.

Unless you can fit more than two robots on a single parking platform, the minimum score necessary for a win in a match where auton was not a tie is 26 points (I’ll spare you the math). Because high flags can’t be contested, the flag alliance has a guaranteed 12 points plus the auton bonus which makes 16. Thus, the flag alliance only needs 4 points and two low parks to win. or one center park and a low park. This shouldn’t be too difficult if flags are all they can do. Imagine if they have marginal cap capability…
This isn’t really an issue for elims, but for quals this is a nightmare scenario. If there is a mechanism to forgo, it should be caps. Although there is something to be said for ease of build; a well built cap bot will beat a poorly constructed flag bot.

caps definitely. balls are inefficient and inaccurate

That depends entirely on how accurate/efficient the robot is.

high flags are definitely contestable unless i missed a rule on that. It’s just more difficult because your opponent needs to be accurate but at the same time you have to be accurate in the first place and if you aren’t consistent, you’ll be burning through a lot of time without gaining anything

{edit: contestable but only with launcher mechanism, didnt realize that you were talking about flags vs caps}

either way tho, i feel like the quicker cycling time of caps, which leaves time for defense, and the heavily reliance on efficiency for flags makes caps better as a focus and flags as more of a game decider when two teams are near evenly matched

All flags are one point more than all caps, so do all of either and park and you should win. Sounds so simple

caps. they are more scattered about but you can move them around

At the beginning of the year I would say caps because the balls are going to be covered by the caps so it will be easier to get to. Plus it’s easier to stack than shoot.

I just wanna put it out there that coins is a much better name for the caps

All in favor of the replacement name. Post: Coins


No you have to post the word COINS!!!

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