Flags or Caps?

So my team is in the brainstorming process of the game and i just would like to know if people are focusing more on the flags or caps and why, what systems will you be using? my team would like to do a 2 bar lif to start out for caps so it is simple but functional and allows quick upgrades after the first tournament. then we would like to make an intake for the balls.

2 bar? not quite sure what that is but okay

currently, most people are focusing on flags because of the ability to be able to switch 2 quickly (either through double catapult or flywheel/puncher with readjustment) as they offer more points and because it’s really easy to descore caps on posts

generally I believe that’s what the majority of people are building towards but competitions haven’t really picked up yet so we’ll just have to wait and see how the meta develops

check out previous threads, all the info is still relevant

and no, there’s other girls on here, it’s just not something people slap onto their profile

thanks for the feedback, and yea i just needed a name not taken lol

On the lift: a 2 bar isnt great because it requires that the claw is anchored to the bar and moves with it, so a 4 bar would be best because whatever mechanism you are using to grab caps would stay flat, making it easier to score caps on posts

Honest question, what’s a two bar?

I understand a 4 bar requires four bars and forms a single parallelogram while a six bar requires 6 and forms two parallelograms but how does a two bar fit into all of this?

I think that two bar is referencing the common lift design in Starstruck which most people call a one bar.

I suppose the new Eminem album is a 509128356109238470912834501928347890 bar?

Let’s just call it an arm :slight_smile: that would solve a lot of confusion.

@amitheonlygirlhere do you mind if I ask what region you’re from? Most regions are focusing more on one thing (Singapore is more focused on balls, NZ is more focused on caps, etc) and you can really gain an advantage by doing the thing your region is not focused on.

No matter which design you choose, make sure you dedicate enough motors to the chassis. A 6 motor 393 motor or a 4 v5 minimum is probably a good rule of thumb because pushing is such a huge part of this game. Make sure you keep your subsystems in perspective and don’t go too overkill with lift or flywheel motors.

Good luck!

I think that flags will be very important in the first part of the season since most teams will be focusing on caps since they are simple and similar to other competitions in past years. If your robot can do almost all the flags in the last 40-50 seconds or so, you’d have a solid advantage since that would secure you 10+ points in a short period of time which, in a low scoring game, can change the outcome. Later in the season as the robots evolve, you’d need to be able to do flags fast and accurately, but still be able to do high scored caps, and then finally being able to defend and knock flags off their posts.

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@amitheonlygirlhere How new are you to vex? If this is your first year, I would recommend focusing on caps. Creating a mechanism to shoot balls will be more complex.

Just make it a chain bar, easy