Flamethower Robot

Ok, so I saw this thing of Youtube the other day and it was amazing! It was a Vex Robot that had an impervised flamethrower on it. So, I was thinking to myself that over Christmas break I would make a bigger and bader flamethrower robot. What do you guys think? And, give some suggestions please.

We are also working on a flame thrower bot, sort of. It’s the FTC season so we are putting the project on hold. Which video where you watching? I know there’s a couple of them out there.

It was the video that played Daft Punk’s song “technologic” at the beginning. I am planning on mounting the flamethrower on a robot with Vex’s biggest chassis. Any other ideas?

Cool!! I don’t know what video you’re talking about, but I can’t wait to see your version of it. It should be really sweet.

i think i might remember seeing that a while back
just dont use gas only wd40 is safe

I am going to try to have it done by early January. My first version is not going to be great, but I am going to make improvements to it.

i remember that video, it was awesome
just remember safety!

flamethowers are cool but very simple personally i would recomend going for a burning laser much more difficult and still really awsome. cost is a bit steeper plus you have to build one from scratch

just dont hurt yourself or anyone around you. and make sure to protect all of the vex components because a burnt microcontroller is of no use.

Isn’t WD 40 aerosol? If so, wouldn’t it be volitile?

Do NOT attempt to create something of this nature.

I highly recommend you stay away from creating a robot of this type, the chances of something going wrong and someone getting hurt are VERY high.

Don’t worry, I am not going to sue Vex Labs or anything like that.

I don’t want you to sue Vex Labs, I also don’t want you to get hurt.
Please don’t build a robot with a weapon on it.


Please don’t build a flamethrower robot or any other type of armed robot. The idea may seem cool at first glance to you, but the chances of something going wrong are too high and not worth it. You can get killed or even burn your house down (2 gifts your parents don’t want for Christmas or at any time of the year). There are probably adults out there who might be capable of doing this and even they won’t do it because it’s too dangerous. If you take a look at the code of ethics that IEEE members pledge to follow, you will see that #1 deals with safety, health and welfare. Please follow their example and innovate responsibly.

ive seen kool flamethrower vex bots on you tube i was thinking about making one but then i relized it was kind of dangerous like my vex catching on fire:eek: or the can exploding or if the flame get sucked into the can boom bye bye can bye bye vex and if i was close enough bye bye me:(

i saw a video where the kids there were doing really unsafe things with their flamethrower bot, if you are making one of these, take extreme safety precautions and for gods sakes, do it outside, inside=burn down your house!!!

BTW i agree with JVN, dont even try this anyway

you are so out of your mind,
do you know how many people get sent to the hospital each year for bolwing themselvs up with that sort of stuff???
That one on youtube was and is still cool, but dangerous.
If i were you and did decide to build a bigger one I would have the fire department on stand-by I sugust this is stupid and If you want to do something that can kill you, I would suggest making a lazerbot. that isnt too dangerous but it is cooler:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

whatever happened to laser IR tag? you could even add a laser pointer. this would be cool and NOT dangerous

You have lost me here. What would the laser pointer do?

I have been doing some thinking, and I have decided that I will do some more research before I continue to build this robot.

It would be possible to make a flamethrower bot that is almost completly safe. You would need something besides an aerosol can. You, of course, need a place where pressure builds up, but to make this type of bot safer, it needs to be very small. If I where to build a bot like this, I would completly encase the place where whatever liquid you are burning is being stored and becomming pressurized. Also, make sure you pick a liquid, should you go through and build this bot, that burns for a very short peiord of time. Use it outside and don’t burn anybody.

All you have to do is look up “areisol can explosion” on YouTube to see why not to use it. Some of them are quite funny.