Heys guys wondering what would make a good flmaethrower liquid??
WD-40 what else???

Perhaps don’t even try? That’s my advice.

Let this be a reminder…


Dang it! Someone else thought of the idea of using a flamethrower to push the balls into the low goal?! :confused: Argh, and I thought I would be the only one.

Seriously though, just don’t mess with fire kids.

Step 1: go to Penn State and enroll in Mechanical Engineering.

Step 2: enroll in Dr Turns combustion class. You will learn a lot on what makes a flame and then some.

Table H.1 of the property book is what you will then be able to understand…


Here’s the course book:

I was in his Guinea Pig class 22 years ago when he was writing the first edition. One of the toughest yet best classes I took. Next best was Dr Jablokow’s computer graphics back in the early days of Pixar working on our Silicon Graphics computers in GL (well before Open GL).](Amazon.com)

Uh, can’t be don with vex parts, unless maybe you make soothing to cause a short in the 393 motors, that would be easy enough.

But just out of curiosity, why do you want to make a flame thrower?

Crazy Kid with Flamethrower! Homemade flamethrower FlamethrowerKid Burns Down A Snowman - YouTube

There is infinite ways to create flamethrowers… What materials do you have?

I remember a few summers ago when me and my brother and my cousin got a can of starter fluid (more flammable than gasoline) and a match and some pliers. It made a great flame but then the flame burnt back to the can, fortunately we noticed in time before it blew up. To sum it up, DON’T DO IT.