Flashlight in competitions

I came across this(Is the Vex Flashlight Competition Legal?) post, and I was wondering if the flashlight would be allowed in skills matches because it wouldn’t be able to interfere with other teams’ visions then?

R6 Doesn’t prohibit it. Yes, it’s legal, although I’ve never seen a good use for it in VRC. Would love to see what you plan to do with it.

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I thought lights couldn’t be used functionally?

The legality is gray, but I think in some situations it would be allowed. The bigger issue is that it’s not compatible with V5. While it will light up, it will be quite dim compared to how bright it would be with the cortex.

The new optical sensor has a light on it, but I do not have one yet and can’t say if it’s brighter than the flashlight on V5 or not.

I was planning to use it to make the objects brighter so the vision sensor could detect objects easier, but I don’t know how well it will work. Do you know of any way to create consistent lighting for the vision sensor?

@RNA used a laser to line his puncher up for auton in tp. That was kinda cool.

We used a laser pointed to line up the shooter at the start of the match. it wasnt attached.

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Do you have a picture of your setup?

uh. lemme check. i will pm you it if i do

@JD6 R13 is a bit confusing, since d says that VEX electronics cannot be non-functional decorations and then e mentions the VEX flashlight. R6 does not prohibit the use of the flashlight, there fore it is legal. R13e describes what would be illegal use of the flashlight. Combined, as long as you do not violate R13e functional use of the flashlight should be legal.

And, as always, if you think it is grey, put it in the Q&A

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e. “Decorations that visually mimic field elements or could otherwise interfere with an opponent’s
Vision Sensor are considered functional and are not permitted. This includes lights, such as the VEX
Flashlight. The Head Inspector and Head Referee will make the final decision on whether a given
decoration or mechanism violates this rule.”

So if you use a flashlight and turn it on it would likely be illegal. Unless the head referee permits that you can you use it because he has decided it is in no way functionally or potentially an interference. But at that point it would just be a decoration with no functionality. If you want to use it for aesthetics and no other competition purpose go ahead, but otherwise it is illegal.

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this makes me think it would be legal for use in skills matches. there is no way it could interfere with an opponent’s vision sensor in a skills match, and it doesn’t prohibit using the flashlight as a functional component.


“Decorations which provide feedback to the Robot (e.g. by influencing legal sensors) or to Drive Team
Members (e.g. status indicators) would be considered “functional” and are not permitted.Decorations which provide feedback to the Robot (e.g. by influencing legal sensors) or to Drive Team
Members (e.g. status indicators) would be considered “functional” and are not permitted.”

I would still say no because of this

the question is if the flashlight is considered a decoration or a functional component. I would think component because it’s an official vex product, and it’s serving a function.
nowhere in the rules does it prohibit functional use of the flashlight, it just prohibits anything that could distract vision sensors. if the flashlight cannot distract any opponent vision sensor (like in skills), then I would think it to be legal.

also the vague and ambiguous nature of the rules on the flashlight makes me think there must be some circumstance where it’s legal. otherwise they would have just banned it explicitly.

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I would say that this implies that they are decorations. They reference that decorations are not allowed, and then says this includes lights, such as the flashlight. This seems to imply that lights and the flashlight are included as decorations that would interfere and be illegal

hmm something to probably ask on the Q&A then.

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