Flat Gear floor

:cool: Idea: Im thinkin of of a flat piece of plastic with gear notches in it that will vary from 4 inches to a ft long

:smiley: Uses: lifting items like a bulldozer or one of those lifters used to stock stores

:wink: Plz consider this would really make vex more fun

umm they already have those. just look on the internet.

no i mean like vex can sell em so u dont have to look all over net

You can use the tank tread to accomplish this. I haven’t tried mounting the tread flat but I believe it’s been done before.

It’s called a “rack” gear.

ok thx scatterplot

sometimes its called a linear gear

that thing used to stock stores? a forklift?
it would be nice if Vex could make it so it will be Vex legal and could be used in competition.

The problem with mounting the tread to the flat plate is that if is not reallt tight it might buckle once you try to use it. This method is not very effective.

Tmaxx have you actually tried it? And using a rack gear for a forklift would probably not be the most effective way to lift pallets.

Yes we secured the treads to the flat plate but we were not trying to lift we were trying to go forward and backwards. You can see some pictures of the robot in a tomohawk thread it shows the robot with the plow in and out. The problem we had was the weight. The plow was too big and once it was out the weight forced the motors up of the track and caused the system to fail. If the tread is not the right lenght it will make two treads buckle and mess up the whole system. It’s to complicated and it quickly becomes overengineered. It would be really nice if Vex could make this past. Let me know what you think. It’s too late to save this robot because its already been torn down but this is what it looked like.

I decided to make the thread a link to make it easier to find the pictures. The pictures are about 2/3 of the way down.

The one you were talking about is the one with the retractable plow on it. There are lots of pictures and videos of it on our robotics website (the one in our signature) if you want a little better vantage point of that robot.:smiley:

On the other hand…

I have had considerable success using the tank treads to make rack gears (by zip tieing them onto metal).

The result has never been as compact as I would like, but it has worked well for me.


really? I think that would be wonderful I’ve been searching for a long time and even tried to make my own but not luck. please post a link?

We had to zip tie them too

they use like a slider rail with sprocket of top with a chain runin down the center conected to the bottom of the out side slider rail when you pull on the chain it acts as a forklift

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