Flat surface requirement autonomous

So this happened during auton. I was wondering if this would actually count as scored because it is technically unsupported and flat. image

Was this really match affecting?

Base Cube - A Cube status. A Cube is considered a Base Cube if it meets the following criteria
at the end of the Match:

  1. Contacting the gray foam tile within a Goal Zone.
  2. Level or “flush” with the gray foam tile.

Number 2 means that the cube would have to be resting on its face, so no.


No we still won, but you know just in case it ever happens again

Well, as @mattjiang said, it isn’t resting on it’s face, so no.

Welp hopefully this doesn’t happen again


The base surface (the biggest area) must be in full contact of foam tile of the base cube,.

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Murphy’s Law in full swing, not too sure how that’s possible, but yeah, most refs/teams are going to argue/not count that cube.

unfortunately it doesn’t count. I’ve lost auton twice this season because of that.

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For the bottom cube to count it must become a ‘base cube’ which is defined as:

  1. Contacting the gray foam tile within a Goal Zone.
  2. Level or “flush” with the gray foam tile.

Any cube that is stacked beond the base cube must follow the following definition:

  1. Contacting the Top Surface of a Base Cube or Stacked Cube.
  2. Not contacting the top of the field perimeter wall.
  3. Not contacting the Top Surface of any Cubes which are not Scored.

(Also touching the cubes with your robot makes the cube no longer count)

So basically, no that wouldn’t count since it is not flush with the ground.

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I’m a lil late. Happened to me, didnt count, and it was match affecting. @Logan10622D was the witness

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Which match was this again?

When I was against u and my cube got stuck like that, and that was what cost me the match

Typically. we talk about rule violations being match effecting. Of course, robot performance is also match effecting, but in the context of the rules that’s just how it goes.

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