Flex Wheel CAD Files

I am trying to CAD a robot for spin up and the only parts I still need in my Fusion 360 parts library are flex wheels. I tried downloading the files from the VEX website, but my computer wont let me install them and says they are “corrupt, the operation will be aborted.” Does anyone have the CAD files of the various types and sizes of flex wheels?

You don’t install the parts? If you mean by import, then it’ll probably be corrupt even if you get it from someone else. It’s probably an issue somewhere else. Are you importing them/using the add parts tab correctly?

4_ Flex Wheel.f3d (78.5 KB) 3_ Flex wheel.f3d (77.6 KB) 2_ Flex wheel.f3d (52.7 KB)

if they work, here are f3d files for them.


Yes those files worked. previously i had downloaded the .step files and uploaded them like any other part. Sorry if I was unclesr for using “install”. Thank you.

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