Flex wheel durometer

Hello, good morning, colleagues. I wanted to ask you what type of durometer you use to pick up discs and turn rollers. Without further ado, I say goodbye, sending you a cordial greeting.

Hi there, I hope you’re having a good morning as well. My team is using 30A flex wheels in order to pick up discs, and 60A flex wheels in order to spin the rollers. You didn’t mention in your post about a flywheel, but I will add it in here for possible use of a flywheel. I have seen many teams use 60A for their flywheel, but 30A and 45A will do just fine for that. I would suggest experimenting with different durometer flex wheels for different uses on your own though, as it will make a great notebook entry, and it will help you, or your team/s have a better understanding of how it will work and which one will work better for you.

I’m guessing your asking the type of flex wheels used for the intake? In that case the first level is usually smaller 30A wheels and the later stages can be whatever size with 30A and 45A being the best.

30a for intakes and 60a for flywheel and roller mech. I discourag3youfron using 30afor flywheel because they expand alot making shots more incosistent butif30a is youronly option wrap like 2 rubber bands around it to hel0 reduce the expansion