Flex Wheels Out of Stock

The straight flex wheels are out of stock. Any suggestions for a different option. Teams are to create a shooter using the flex wheels.

You can find them on https://wcproducts.com/
Just make sure that the part number is the same as on the vex website.


you can use a regular traction wheel wrapped in non stick mat or rubber bands.


Several of the flex wheels on WestCoast are backordered. Are there any estimates as to how long it will take for smaller 30A wheels to arrive via WCP? (Or be in stock through vex?)

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While it may have been a while since Vex: Change Up, if you aren’t able to get the Flex Wheels, this Sprocket-Rubber Band design will work well in their place

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That’s useful for intaking discs, but not so good for energy transfer if you are thinking of launching them with a flywheel.


Correct. Though the 4" traction wheel has been seen to work well in place of Flex wheels for a flywheel, as seen in the MentorBuilt Robot. Though if a team would want to use some type of Catapult, Flex wheels would only be needed for an intake.

Heads up, flex wheels are not necessarily the best option for everyone. The spokes in flex wheels create variable compression depending on if the disc engages on a spoke or in the gap between spokes, which reduces precision from shot to shot. I would definitely give a antislip mat or rubber band wrapped flywheel a try.


This is true. However, for the intake, this does not really matter, as the discs will make their way up the intake regardless. The intake should be designed for compliance, and the flex wheels should grab the disc and move it up the intake whether it be the spoke or the non-spoke side.

For the flywheel, this is more of a concern. This is why my team prefers using 60A, since they have little compression to the point where the difference between spoke and non-spoke is negligible. In testing with a 60A 4” flex wheel flywheel, the shot consistency was superb and the discs would hit the same mark over and over again.

As an added bonus, both 60A 3” and 4” wheels are stocked on vex.com


Absolutely. Flywheels were a thing long before flex wheels were legal in VRC. Look at NBN for plenty of inspiration.
Elastic band/spocket setups are really optimised for intakes or outtaking without launching.


I mean there are sites like amazon and ebay that you could check

Are we able to use traction tape? I’m trying to find it in the manual.

Try reading R6 and R7…


The 4" wheels on West Coast Products are in stock if you are looking for flex wheels for your flywheel. If you are looking for alternatives for smaller sized flex wheels on your intake I would look into the Sprocket-Rubber Band design mentioned above as before flex wheels it was the go to design for intakes. You could also order 45A Durometer Flex wheels as they are in stock, except for the 2" wheel which is back ordered.

Straight Flex Wheels – WestCoast Products ← Link for Flex wheels on WCP