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So as everyone most likely knows already. The flex wheels are now legal for VRC competitions. BCUZ shows the use of the flex wheels as intakes. I have generated 2 main questions on this.

  1. ) Are you allowed to take chunks of the flexwheel out to form flaps as BCUZ did last year.

  2. ) What type of flex wheel works the best?

Hopefully in the near future we can get the anwser to these questions.

Here are some useful timestamps in the video

  • 0:07
  • 0:32
  • 0:49
  • 0:59
  • 1:08
  • 1:52

Have a good night everyone :slight_smile:

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yes. pretty much any physical modification to non-electronic vex parts are legal in vrc. this type of modification is presumably included, unless the gdc states otherwise



hey for some reason the link isn’t working btw.

  1. Test
  2. When in doubt order 30A

Yep, OP didn’t make the link correctly.

They wrote this


When they should have witten this


I should note that the song used in the video is quite explicit, and young forum-goers should stay away.

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I believe this is the link TNT meant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3DyDxbstRU
Be forewarned, however; the music is explicit. I would recommend muting it before watching.

Edit: OOOH sniped by Taran. Nice one


Everyone should be able to use the link now. I am probally going to order the 30A wheels now because they seem fit for the job. Ill tell you guys what I get

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I also have a question about flex wheels. Are only Vex wheels allowed, or can we use wheels from AndyMark?

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VEXPro flex wheels are cross-listed as part of the V5 product line, so are legal for use in VRC under R6a. AndyMark flex wheels are not a part of any VEX product line, so are not legal for use in VRC.


Didn’t think so. Thank you!