Flex Wheels Shrinking

Anyone having issues with flex wheels shrinking in the cold?

that’s strange, seeing that the flex wheels are made of a silicone rubber. contrary to the thermodynamic behavior of lots of other materials, rubber actually expands when cold and shrinks when warm (this article explains it well https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/stretch-it-how-does-temperature-affect-a-rubber-band/)

can u send pics?


I literally measured it and it’s supposed to be 2 inches. It’s at 1.85. So confused

flex wheels are supposed to compress. how are you measuring them lol

Diameter? (Lorem Ipsum)

Can you send a picture with a ruler (or banana) for scale?

Nah. I’m away from robot rn. What kinda scale do you need tho? It’s a normal ruler.

i was asking if you were using a caliper or smth and accidentally squeezing it, cuz, flex wheels tend to flex

Oh. No. The wheel isn’t attached to anything

what hardness is it

30a (Lorem Ipsum Lorem)

30a is pretty soft. i doubt vex pays much care for precision when manufacturing something of that durometer; it’s just going to warp and squish anyways

doubt this has anything to do with temperature but rather something on vex’s end

yeah that’s possible but not for me. i measured it when i got it and it was 2 inches

have you used it at all since then?

How much shrinkage are we talking about?

Are you sure you didn’t pick up a 1.625" wheel by accident?

How much have you used it? Wheels of that shore strength can flake and wear over time.

no it hasn’t been on my robot

they’re at ~1.85 in. I’m sure. I measured them when they arrived