FlexWheel Help

Dear all,

We are 3 teams returning to comps after 3 years and are planning to order some flex wheels (quantity is for all 3 teams). Attached is the list of parts we are planning to order. However, the more we look at it, the more we realise we are making mistakes

  • not realising you might need 2 versa hubs per wheel???,
  • not realising the adapters come in 8 packs, etc).

If anyone can spot any mistakes, please let me know - many thanks for your generous help!

In addition, we want to ask if the flex wheel spacers are needed and are worth it as we can’t seem to find a lot of info on them.

Any other advice is welcome. Many thanks for pointing us in the right direction so we can minimise any unnecessary cost etc.

Best advice for this season is to have a backup plan because Flex wheels are mostly out of stock until the end of the year.


Many thanks for the advice - we are currently building and designing without them as we do expect some delays.
PS: Do you happen to know what the flex wheel spacers are for? Many thanks for your help!

Here is a great thread about how to mount flex wheels without versahubs. I would check it out. Better Ways to Mount Flex Wheels