Flip Out Low Elevation Ramp

Hello Forum! Our Sister team recently built a low elevation ramp that flips out, but they are having problems with the ramp as it flips out the second part jams underneath. We want to know if anyone has built a successful one

Try adding a lot of rubber bands on the both sides of the top of the ramp or something like that so that the tension tries to straighten the ramp when it is deployed. Havent built one but have seen some in action. Good luck

Our team once built a passive low elevation ramp, even though we ended up not using the design (because it sometimes deployed mid-match, costing us disqualifications).

Here is a video of it working:

We have managed to build a high elevation passive ramp similar to that.

Is it that the 2nd section rotates TOO far are it unfolds? It kind of whips around past 180°? If so, a small piece of flat stock on the bottom of the first/longer section that juts past the hinge to the second section will prevent it from rotating so far

I would say that ratcheting flywheels allow for a safer, controlled lift. There are almost no downsides as the motors added to the flywheel counter any friction added by the ratchet