Flip-up IQ field riser

Plans for a flip-up IQ field riser are complete. Cost for you to build one is a little under $1000. This riser allows the IQ field to stay assembled, and store in 2’x9’ space, and roll through a standard doorway. VEX IQ FOLD-UP RISER PLANS.pdf (812.9 KB) Flip-up field riser

There are additional plans for field risers here, if the full-field-flip-up is not a requirement: New VEX-IQ Elevated Field RIsers


Is it possible that something similar could be done (or already is done) for VRC?

Here’s the VRC version (it doesn’t fold), we’ve been using it for years. Field riser plans.pdf (1.1 MB)


Plans for all the VEX Team:VIRUS field risers, VRC and IQ, aluminum and wood, can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ov2NzN39V26Id_NbbsVL0HFcHCcRHfrX?usp=sharing


Are you building and selling the fold up field or you just sent the instructions

It’s just the instructions, along with all the ordering information you need to get the parts. Look on the google drive link, there is the plans, an order list, and an assembly manual I put together when building ours.

The BOM is very specific and my local 80/20 dealer is willing to cut the metal parts to size. Waiting for us to get back in school to order the first one and build it.


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