Flipping a robot over the fence?!

Hey all!
This was a great moment we had during a recent league competition (where rules tend to be very relaxed), that we thought many of you would love to watch. Not going to spoil to much, we’ll just let you see for yourself. Just a note as well, it was all in fun, B brought this particular robot because the one they’re currently working on still has a bit more refining to be done, and it’s league, so what better opportunity?

By relaxed you mean rules aren’t enforced at all XD

I’ve been waiting for this to happen all season!!!

Dying of laughter.

The funniest competition video I’ve ever seen. Were there any repercussions from the refs??


also build a clawbot

Well, the one blue robot was a no-show, so it’s DQed. The other one went under the fence a bunch and is disqualified as per <SG6>. Both of the red robot’s violated <G12> like crazy.

So if the ref actually cared about the rules at all, this would be a match were everyone loses. Good job, guys.

Edit: my mistake, it looks like there were 2 blue robots. So somebody did get some strength points

Perhaps the refs noticed both this and the fact that the students were having good fun and thought something along the lines of “Eh, why not?”
If the match is going to be a flop, why not have some fun?

That’s hilarious. Best match I’ve seen all season.

Lol that’s really funny, I enjoyed watching it.