FLL CASTS? does anyone use for helping VEX IQ Teams?

I am in my second year coaching the VEX IQ teams. Given our limited experience we are looking for a place to support our students. I have seen the FLL website and it has some interesting build options. Before paying I wanted to see if anyone had used it and if it was helpful. Our plan this year was to design a chassis and then go from there. Our elementary students do not have the experience to pick up and build on their own. Any support or suggestions are greatly appreciated

Although the concepts may be the same, the parts will not, and not all Lego parts will have a corresponding IQ part and vice-versa. For new IQ teams, I would suggest getting started by building a “Hero Bot.” Here is a link to the Hero Bot build instructions.

Byte is the hero bot designed for this year’s game.

There are also build instructions for general-purpose robots:


Thanks for the response…I am working on curriculum for a short summer camp. Unfortunately the Hero bot doesnt have a list of pieces needed. Seems like it will be much more difficult to build these if students have to keep finding parts as they build

Hmmm… looks like some of the instructions have a parts list, and some do not.