Floating intake difficulty

Hello I was wondering if someone could help my team figure out how to do this is our 2 year as a team and just trying to figure everything out.

We are trying to figure out how to do a floating intake with Daisy chain and it’s not really working.
In the pictures below it shows our prototype.
When the axial at the bottom moves it jams up because of the chain.

We had chain attached to the bottom where the shaft collar is, it just wasn’t working at all.

Well the first problem is the use of low-strength chain. I would recommend you switch to the high-strength variety as it is much more suited for this type of mechanism.

Another issue is that the sprockets you are using to power the intake are cantilevered. This can introduce unnecessary friction and slop into the system which will negatively affect its performance.

Finally just as a general word of advice I’d recommend you check the entire intake assembly for friction. Having a smooth running intake will most definatley help it work better.