Floor Goal Scoring

Hey guys. I have been scouring the updated manual and I was wondering about floor goals. I know that when a cube of your color is put into your alliance’s starting tiles, it’s worth one point. But my question is- wether it would still count as a point to take a stack of cubes, and put it in on the tile. Would the cubes on top of the first cube (the one touching the ground) be worth points?

Thanks! By responding you have helped my teams autonomous!


If stacked cubes were all scored they would have said something like “breaking the plain of a Floor Goal”

I’m sorry, but as of what rule though? I cannot find it in the manual. Under scoring it says
A Cube scored in a floor goal is worth one (1) point for the Alliance of the color of the Cube.

It is in the definitions

Look at the definition of scored on page 7 (or page 9)