Flowcharts for Vexcode

Hey everyone. I was wondering if y’all recommended making flowcharts to help with coding more complex code for robot functions. It seems like a good way to clear up any confusion when coding, but I wanted to get other people’s opinions on it.

Payne Stroud
Team 39232

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In my personal opinion, I think that flow charts are a great way to list the tasks you want your code to perform and to get a basis of it for when you actually code. It can also be a great reference for when coding your actual competition program.

Flowcharts can also help with showing your code’s thought process and would look great in your team’s engineering notebook! It really shows progression for your team, and can really benefit your team as for having a reference as well as any one who’s reading through your engineering notebook.

Good luck this season!

Yeah, I like coding with flowcharts just so I know what I’m doing when I’m coding. I also like the idea of using them as documentation of the thought process behind my code.


Flowcharts are a great to show how more complicated programs work. I recommend using draw.io to make flowcharts as it’s a free, easy to use way to make flowcharts.


Thank you. I’ll make sure to check that out for my future flowcharts!

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If it was me I probably would use flowcharts.