flowol 4 now compatible with vex cortex

hello, i received an email this morning …

Dear Liam Grazier,
I have just released an update to the Flowol 4 software which brings several improvements. I would like to follow-up with you and offer a new 30-day Flowol 4 trial and some information about the VEX Robotics Kit.

Flowol 4.11
Flowol 4 now supports the VEX Robotics System (Cortex Controller).
Functionality added to Arduino microcontroller (servos, PWM output, encoder sensors, ultrasonic distance sensor, serial comms).
Spanish language added to software and tutorial.

so, what do people think about flowol 4 as a different coding option … ?

I have never seen this product before, the Flow Chart Interface reminds me a little of LabView. This type of Interface is appealing to the Visual, Right Brained person, which increases the usage of the Vex platform.

The single User license is $45.00 ( USD ) which is comparable with RobotC, and there is a lot of Distributors in the U.K., for some reason…

I am interested in purchasing it, just because it is another way to work with the Vex…

it was on the curriculum at my middle school, and is installed on all computers at my school, i have the trial and i do like it …

Doesn’t look too competitive compared to ROBOTC and EasyC, although there’s not much information on the web site. There is a Mac version but I don’t see if that is compatible with the VEX drivers. Two days to get a free trial puts me off as well.