Fly wheel ball launcher

i need help making a fly wheel ball launcher can someone possibly help me.

Would you please describe the issue in the best way you can? It’s difficult to help without the proper information.

@Golf i have never built a flywheel ball launcher before i was seeing if anyone could possibly give me the like basics on how to make one.

I’m going to assume this is for vrc since there are no balls in the current iq game.

a flywheel is not the best option this year, there is really no benefit to launching balls from a distance when you can spit them out at close range much faster, robots like this are known as hoodbots (or sometimes snailbots).

Take a look at robots on youtube to get an idea of how these robots are shaped and what kind of mechanisms they use.

the simplest kind of hoodbot has 2 side rollers to intake and descore balls, and then a sort of conveyer made up of 2-3 fast spinning rubber band rollers. And then at the top is a faster, sometimes larger, launching roller as well as some kind of hood to curve the path of the ball around the top roller and into the goal.


ok thank you for the help

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