Fly wheel gear ratios. HELP!!

We have a 25:1 gear ratio driven by two motors but it keeps stalling! Any ideas?

Make sure you reduce friction as much as possible. This means having bearings wherever a shaft goes through other metal, having washers wherever metal might rub against metal, and making sure everything is aligned and screwed in properly.

We have that @Bpalms but how can we incorporate second motors more efficiently to add more torque back in because we currently have speed but no torque?

Are the motors stalling when you go to launch a ball? Or do they slow down shortly after you spin the flywheels up?

@Bpalms When the ball hits it they stall but occasionally before the ball hits it when are now trying to build a different gear ratio on the bottom.

Mine slow down and then speed back up. I think its because not enough power to keep them going fast enough.

Could you post a picture of your system? It might help us help you.

@TurboTech We currently have it disassembled to and are trying to fix it so after we have it together we will post some pictures

Couple things to note when building,
You may want to redrill out your bearings to make sure they’re not jamming.
It’s ok for the flywheel to have some side to side leeway which helps with lowering friction

We have the same exact gear ratio and this use to happen to us also. When you put two motors are you using a 1:1 or are you meaning you put one motor on each side? If you are you need no friction to make it work . Please show us pics later when you finish it .

@sergio4772 will post pics tomorrow as we have just left college