Fly wheel help

Hello, my friend and I are trying to build a very high power vertical fly wheel, for fun. We currently have the gear train set up for 1:96. We power the train with 3 v5 motors(standard) and we get just 100rpm with them without or fly wheel attached and I have removed most friction. I’m just wondering is 100 rpm the best we can get from the motors? Do we need more motors?

I am no expert, but from my personal opinion, I would add alteast one more motor, and make sure you have a ratchet to let the flywheel spin somewhat without contacting the motors after the motors are shut off. I would hate to see a perfectly good batch of V5 motors smited from the strain of a flywheel made simply for fun.

And most importantly, if the result is good, im sure I speak for all of the vex forum when I say that we would very much like to see a video of the result.

Thank you

My team currently has a 15:1 flywheel on 200 RPM V5 motors. We’ve been working on it for a fair amount of time and surprisingly enough there has not been any problems with the internal gears (yet). Sometimes it feels like the motors themselves have a way to coast/deaccelerate rather than stopping immediately.

Back on OP’s question:

They should be able to spin faster than that at max power. Try and look for other sources of friction (i.e. gears on metal contact, more than two bearings on a drive shaft).

@Gameoa I will have a ratchet on the fly wheel once I hook the gear train to it, for now I’m running it without the actual wheel attached to it. I have looked for any metal on metal contact and I’ve made sure there are washers on them to reduce friction. I will be adding that fourth motor. Thank you for your input.

I will try to add a few more bearings around the longer shafts. Thank you for the suggestions and help

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If you have the motors, you might as well just stack up a bunch of them. You can get more power to turn a higher gear ratio.

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