Fly Wheel Ideas

My group is in trouble we have a competition on the 5th of December and we don’t have a fly wheel I know it’s late to ask but we need help. Please be free to give me ideas. :slight_smile:

You may find this thread helpful with thinking of launcher designs:

There also was a poll but it is not visible currently due to the forum update.

I’m a first year so thanks for the help. This could be very important to my robot, and
I have to hurry

You should consider this design that technik made. It is fairly new so you might not be able to get much help with it, but it seems to be quite a bit better than the traditional single wheel flywheel.

i have not done an official reveal or anything, but here are some pictures of the flywheel my team made.
1200 Design Overview
(Our design has undergone some big changes sense these pictures, but what you see in the pictures worked really well)

if you find yourself in a pinch and really need some quick help getting a robot together, here is a STEP BY STEP guide to build a dual flywheel bot that is pretty simple, my team built it in two days. The only thing i did not included (ironically the most important part i guess…) was the flywheel and gearbox, but those can be mounted pretty easily, and if you need help on those feel free to ask when you get to that stage! hope this helps (You can see that no gearing or anything is shown in this model, and it seems like the norm is to use high traction wheels on launchers, not tank tread on a sprocket as shown. This was my design that i made over the summer before many people had shared ideas or even prototyped! Some definate additions would have to be added to that design for it to work well)

Step By Step NBN Bot Build Guide

this is a lot of help

No problem! :smiley: here is a video of our launcher in action, it really does work well :slight_smile: good enough to make goals in other fields!!
Cross Court Shooting
If you need any help, feel free to ask :slight_smile: The forums also have a lot of resources regarding everything from programming, to building, to journaling, and how to handle things regarding the tournament and rules.

Man I sorry I couldn’t reply earlier buy that is amazing. I’m sorry if this is to much to ask could you give me the gear ratio?

Very sorry for late reply! We have a gear ratio of 1:16 with turbo motors. Would a close up of the gearbox help?

If you are a new team with only a few days to build a robot, a flywheel might be very difficult to build in time… I would suggest a lift bot… 50 points pretty easily and reliably…

Or try to build a slip gear launcher. My team was able to build one in about 6 hours that can shoot full courts, and they have a pretty simple design. I could also post some stuff about how to build a simple but effective version of one of those, but it wouldnt be until Friday :stuck_out_tongue:

What power do you run your motors at for your flywheel? I have a 21-1 flywheel and i put it at around 65-70 for full court.

my flywheel is geared 1:16 with turbos and we run it at about 75 for full court shots. If i run it at 63 and wait a full ten seconds, it will launch a ball into a high goal. the purpose of running it at 75 is so that it recharges quicker (we now have a PID loop so at the moment we let the code choose what to run the motors at actually)

yes it would

here you are :slight_smile: hope this helps!

Thanks for the help

This is a different member of the team.
We want to get a 1:14 gear ratio to be suited for a high speed motor. Minimum is 2100 RPM, Max is 2800 RPM.
Can anyone provide a setup for complex gearing to make this possible?

You could use chain to get a 2:1 gear ratio, then use an 84 tooth and 12 tooth gear to get 14:1, but I think it would be better (no chain) to use a turbo motor, and then gear the flywheel 35:3, with a compound 7:3 and 5:1 gear ratio (2800 rpm). If you don’t have a turbo motor, I would go with a speed motor with a 15:1 gear ratio, 5:1 and 3:1.

Thanks. Do you think you could possibly send me a picture of how to lay out the gearing? We can only use high speed motors, though.

Thanks man. We found that a complex setup of a 5:1 and 3:1 gear ratio may do the trick. Do you think that this will work?