Fly wheel not working

Been working on a fly wheel design, we are using 2 blue cartridge motors on a 5-1 gear ratio. This puts our flywheel moving at 3000 rpm.

But the problem that we have run across is it doesn’t shoot very far, at most it shoots 5 feet.
We are also using a 3in flex wheel as the actual wheel that shoots, if you guys have any ideas why it’s not shooting very far please let me know it will be much appreciated.

Heres a pic of the fly wheel…

Also new to the forums so if I broke any rules making this post I’m truly sorry.

Post is tagged in VIQC rather than VRC. Check for friction on your flywheel, is it getting up to full acceleration? Do you have the velocity for the attached motors set to 100? Check that you are not accidentally compressing the flywheel with the structure around it, this was something i noticed on my initial prototype. Another thing to consider is tuning compression for the point of contact that the disc will interact with the flywheel, as increasing the amount of time contacted on the disc will impart more energy into it as it launches. If the disc just touches for a second, its not going to go far at all.


First off 5 to 1 should be 3000 rpm (600 * 5).

For my 3000 rpm flywheel i used a 4" flexwheel which adds a significant amount of moment of inertia which could help transfer more momentum. Make sure when doing your tests you remember that there is going to be an initial hight which will be a major factor in how far it can shoot.

  • compression?
  • contact time?
  • friction in the system?

I would suggest doing more tests and changing things around that you think might effect how far it shoots. Then notebook it.