Fly Wheel Problem

My team is creating a flywheel system to shoot the ball. When we start the wheel it runs to full speed for a few seconds. Then it gradually slows down and it is unable to run again. If we wait a couple of minutes, then it runs again and then slowly stops. This process happens every time. Is it stopping because it is stalling? If so, what can we do about it? Or could it be a different problem? My team and I would really appreciate it if someone could respond with an answer.

sounds like your tripping a ptc, try setting the motors on 1-5 and the others on 6-10. Should fix this.

Do you mean changing the ports?

Switch around the wires and the configuration inside of robotc/easyc

So is it not stalling?

There are two PTCs on the cortex, if the current on them get too high it trips and shuts off the motor to prevent damage. If you spread out your motors through the 1-5 and 6-10 motor ports you will be far more likely not to trip a PTC. (which would cause it to stall)

We tried that and it didn’t work. Could it have to do with the friction?

It may be something to do with your gear ratio and the motor power you are sending to the flywheel… So yes it may be stalling. What motor power are you currently sending to the flywheel and what is the gear ratio?

Our gear ratio is 35:1 and we are sending the flywheel 115 speed on the motors, with four different motors

We had the same problem when we had 2 of the over-sized wheels on each side (axle) despite having 2 motors on each side of the flywheel (4 total running the flywheel). We just took one of the wheels off each side and the flywheel worked fine after that, there had been too much weight for the motors.

We only have one wheel to begin with.

Might it be a problem in your programming? Sometimes you forget to add a timer, or a while (forever) loop. Have you changed the code before the problem started occurring or have looked and changed the code? You might want to revise and edit the code. After all the vex forums is a great place to get help.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Yes, please post your code here, also have you tried adding a ratcheting system for it?

It’s probably friction. Code might be the issue, but burnouts in flywheels is generally caused by friction. Make sure all of the bearing flats line up nicely and you can spin the flywheel without much resistance.

We had a similar issue that we were able to resolve by fixing the wiring. Try different motor controllers that was our main problem. Works good as new now. ~Team 3281A York, Pa

make sure wires are not being stretched a lot or you mite break or snap a wire. ok

More than likely the PTC is tripping in the motor itself which means excessive friction in your flywheel which is common for double wheel flywheels with such a high ratio on it.