Fly Wheel Suggestions

hello, my team is having trouble coming up with a solid fly wheel launcher. we have made 4 previous launchers and now on our fifth. we have had a standard 27:1 ratio. our problem is that our motors burn out soon after starting it up. if that doesn’t happen, its that one side works fine the other stalls or doesn’t move at all. does anybody know how to prevent this?

Alpha Entity,

Can we see some pictures of your launcher? You probably have unnecessary friction in your launcher somewhere. Spacing needs to be consistent and absolutely perfect. Bent axles, no (or bad) bearing blocks, or a lack of support on both sides of the axle can all cause your launcher motors to work to hard, overheat, and stall.

How many motors are you using on your flywheel? How are they geared internally? We need to see more before we can be more specific with suggestions.

Good luck!

we have checked and double checked spacing axles and bearing blocks. we are using two standard 393 motors on each side. I will post pictures soon. thank you for your help!

Yes Pictures would be helpful :slight_smile:

Can I ask what wheels you are using, for most wheel configs 27:1 is quite high. You could definitely get away with a lower gear ratio (depending on your wheels)

Also if you are using a double flywheel, I would recommend that you put two wheels on each axle to help reduce the effect of mass and density variations in the balls.

lol, probably don’t do it with a 27:1 gear ratio :smiley:

Its also increases momentium, but makes the spinup time longer. #theMoreYouKnow

That makes sense but also for that a 27:1 would be too much. But since it has increase in momentum and inertia the fire rate will subsequently be faster.

Which is precisely the tradeoff. Although it takes longer to spin up it generally shoots faster, in fact I have seen teams use extra wheels simply with the intention of increasing the momentum so they can shoot faster. :smiley:

like what 323z has on their flywheel. 3 wheels and 6 motors geared 25:1

Has anyone heard of a tripple or quadruple flywheels? I’ve only heard of double flywheels (one wheel on either side of the ball) and single flywheels (one wheel at the bottom of the ball)

Well team 323z from Indiana has 3 wheels on the same axle.
Here it is:

Swampbotics from Georgia (idk their team #) used 4 wheels on each side of their flywheel, or they were at our first competition. They were one of the top performing teams at the competition, and had an excellence launching speed.

4 wheels??? Wow! That’s crazy.

What sort of spin up time did they have though? I would imagine 5+ seconds to spin up because the wheels would be pretty heavy :p. Although I haven’t seen their robot.

Also just to let you know 929w currently also has 4 wheels of different sizes.

Sorry for the confusion, I meant has anyone heard of a robot with more than 2 sets of wheels hitting the ball, not how many wheels on each axel. So a quadruple flywheel would have a set of wheels on the bottom side of the ball, the top side of the ball, the left side of the ball, and the right side of the ball. A triple fly wheel would have a set of wheels at the bottom left of the ball, the bottom right of the ball, and the top of the ball. So a better question is this: What is the weirdest/ coolest flywheel arrangement that you have seen?

I know ive seen teams try both and post their videos on youtube. i just cant seem to find them right now. but yes it has been done.

i am from 4221c and we have a vertical flywheel with 4 torque motors spinning 3, 4 inch traction wheels on the top and bottom, and it is working fine for us. This setup is great if you want to be able to have different speeds for different firing stations on the field.

How is the range, fire speed, and accuracy? I might want to try a top and bottom flywheel.

It is a possibility for quadruple fly wheels,but I have not seen any and don’t know how effective they would be over double fly wheels.

we are using the 2, 5 inch wheels as a dual fly wheel.

i am having trouble uploading pictures of my phone but here is how the gears are configured. 84 to 12 to 36 (on the same axle) to 12. on both sides are identical