fly wheel suggestios (again)

one of my sister teams is having trouble with their fly wheel. they have the same design as my team but they have speed motors instead of the kind you get out of the box. they are having problems keeping their flywheel going after they start it. I have checked and double checked friction spacing and axles. any other ideas to check?

What is the external gearing for the launcher? The high speed motors might be having trouble trying to spin the flywheel with your current ratio.

You could change the gear ratio or have them convert their motors back to high strength.

its a 21:1 ratio with two motors on each side

they had a working launcher that shot full field but they changed the ratio (not sure why)

Have them change their launcher back to whatever worked before.

i’m about to ask them why they id it and ill bring that up.

they got it working again. they got rid of the speed motors and yeah. thanks for your help!