Fly wheel

How do you create a flywheel like the one for hoodbots for change up? I need some tips. Thanks!

Well we are currently using wheels (not omni). Probably might not be the best solution but that is what we are using

That’s a rather vague question. Can you be more specific?

depends. what are you trying to do? shoot long range, or have a more of a dunking toss? long range I’d say just some traction wheels with rubber bands on them, just dunking I’d say a sprocket with tread and flaps.

Look up turning point and nothing but net reveals on YouTube or what ever streaming service is available to you

For a Turning Point or NBN style flywheel, you generally want rollers that have low mass and a high moment of inertia. This means you should have a mass distribution that is radially far from the center of rotation. This will help you out by having less speed loss from shot to shot and a generally more consistent shot as a result of a more consistent velocity.

That being said, it is my personal opinion that if you are wanting to build this for Change Up, go with the above mentioned intake flaps idea. I don’t think having a high velocity flywheel is optimal for this competition, but that’s just my take. If you are looking at doing that I would suggest traction wheels with rubber bands or anti-slip mat around them.


I would think to suck up the cubes you need a intake system a lot like tray it’s in TT and for flinging the balls you would like the wheel to get fast, I would think I am not the best builder.

Guys, thanks for the input, @Xenon27, i meant have a dunking toss like in 210y’s reveal. @sazrocks, I meant for Change up because we are planning to make a hood bot. @64540A, we don’t really want turning point’s flywheel since it launches balls and we want it to dunk balls. A more specific question is what tips do you guys have and what is some good ideas for the wheel to be made up of?

look at 742a ri3d

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Just sayin, what you want to build isn’t a flywheel. It’s an intake roller


I saw the vid and I don’t understand how they put a piece of fabric that helps guide the balls up?

yup my bad, I just confused the two

it’s antislip mat. just ziptie it to metal or polycarb for more friction

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