Flyer for fundraising

Alright, so I’m starting to fundraise for the season and I have started to make a flyer to give potential sponsors. The problem is that I’m not quite sure all that I should have on it. I know I should have pictures of the robot, game info, and contact info but I’m not sure what else. So I would like to ask everyone to just give me some pointers/tips/anything useful as this is my first time fundraising.
Thanks for anything in advance :slight_smile:

Well, if you are advertising in a school, or something similar, I would mention the life changing experience VEX gives you, and how the skills you learn from it can be applied to real life, such as problem solving or team work.

I agree. Also, you might want to list some team members, so any friends of team members can donate.

Joseph is home schooled. He is trying to raise money from the community at large. We face some of the same issues as he does. We are not affiliated with a school and our kids are mostly all poor.

I do agree that focusing on the life changing experience is a great idea.

Well, if you do not have a school, I would suggest a library. Most of the time with STEM events, they will let you advertise if you ask. Another idea is some simple STEM classes. You can usually run them on a dime, by just having a few sheets of paper explaining what a drive train is and so on, or, if you already have parts, show them how to build a simple robot. As to where to host them,some public places, such as a library, will let you do it for free. However, it is also a good idea to host it at your house, and have your team go around the neighborhood and/or to family friends and see who you can get. With this strategy, you can get a good amount of money for parts, and possibly a few new team members. Just a suggestion though.

We are homeschooled as well. We have one particular parent that is just incredible at getting sponsorships. She got them from local government agencies like BAMA (Bay Area Manufacturers Association) and some business. Use the word STEM a lot, it’s the catch phrase of the day, show your successes from last year. Try and get the local paper and/or TV station to do a story on you and your team (works well asking for sponsorship then), they are always looking for neighborhood feel-good stuff. Check with your local University, see if they will pitch in $500. For us, get rid of the “show up in a tie and ask mentality”. Get a good team polo shirt with khaki’s and be realistic when presenting, otherwise you look like a used car salesman. They know you don’t dress that way.

Show the business your robot. Doing a flyer is fine, but have at least a minimal website you can direct them to that has your videos, awards, pics, etc… Do that first. You only get one time to make a first-impression, and that website may be it.

Thank you all for the suggestions!!!
I know my local library(the people that work at the library) has shown some interest in robotics before so I may have to ask them about hosting something there.

And @TriDragon thanks for the “marketing tips!!!”

I’ve made a bit of progress and talked to some people since a few days ago and I think I have several potential sponsors that have shown interest so thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to me advice on this both on the forum and off :slight_smile: